For a secure networking with another network virtual private network is used. But why is there a need to use a VPN in order to use Instagram? And the answer to this question is “to avoid the blockage to use Instagram”. Yes! you heard it right.  Some educational institutions, departments, and even Governments don’t want to show the Information without their permission. And that is why they block Instagram in that area. Now the question arises is “is there any way we can still use Instagram”? The answer to this question is Yes! You can still use Instagram by using a VPN. VPN assigns a new address to your device which can be on a faraway location in your city or may be in another country. As that address does not come in the category of blocked addresses. Your connection will be through with the Instagram and hence you can use it.

There are a lot of different VPNs available today. Providing address for your device from different locations around the world. You can choose a Virtual private network of your choice based on the availability and ease of use for yourself.

Wikileaks vpn was a good option if it ever existed.  Imagine if you are in such a restricted area where you do not have access to Instagram. Wikileaks vpn is the one that can secretly connect you with the daily dose of your Instagram feed.

To understand it a little further, let’s assume that you are sitting in the library of your school and because your school wants you to concentrate on your studies. That is your school wants you to read amazing and knowledgeable history books, take help from a C++ book for understanding more about the programming or encourage you to read an English literature novel of a famous writer. They will try every bit to keep you focused on the studies and avoid everything that distracts you from it. In this pursuit your school will block your mobile or any other device that you are using to connect with Instagram.

 And in such a situation you suddenly remember that your newborn nephew’s first pictures, who is living in another country, were to be uploaded an hour ago by your elder brother. Now is the time when you want to reach to Instagram by any means. Yes, people make use of a VPN in such critical times. And you can also make use of it now. The things you are going to follow will as following.

First you need to have a VPN already installed in your device. If you don’t have one already installed in your device, you can follow PureVPN installation steps:

1- Visit PureVPN website and get a premium plan.

2- Search PureVPN app on google and download it.

3-  After the file is downloaded, go to the setup and follow through the installation instructions.

4- Open the app and sign into your account.

5-  Choose the location you desire to select from the list.

6- after the connection is made, enjoy the fast speed with PureVPN.   Then you need to turn it on. Now imagine that your school has blocked all the addresses that are registered in your area or city. VPN will assign a different address to your device which is of another city location. That address does not get trapped in the web of blocked addresses. Your device can connect with Instagram. And you are all set to see the pictures of your newborn nephew.

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